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4. The Ghan train route: journey from Adelaide to Darwin

The Ghan is actually a three-night tour that brings you to pass 2,979 km, which departs from Darwin to Adelaide. Passengers on the train will be having the train to experience the feeling of luxury traveling across Australia, the country full of dreams.

The train route provides passengers with Platinum-class service where they can stay comfortably in many cabins with private spaces. Moreover, you can also pre-ordered meals and breakfast before you are on board, which are also extremely diverse for selected travelers. The food is served 24/24, flavoring the tastes of Australia with many dishes from such special as Saltwater barramundi fish and grilled kangaroo fillet.

In addition, The Ghan provides passengers with many schedules to choose such as two trips to Kinda and Alice Springs. During those journeys, the train will make some special stops so that passenger can experience the sunrise in Marla or the Milky Way, the majestic in Manguri in the south.

Ticket price: from $ 2,637 / person

5. Rovos Rail train route: journey from Southern and eastern Africa

Have you ever experienced the feeling of wild animals chasing behind your train? If not, quickly jump to the Rovos trains in Africa. It seems that all of Africa’s most interesting experience are gathering just on the rout of this train. Passengers will be brought through many unique remote destinations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania.

It can be said that “luxury” is not enough to describe the interior furniture and decoration of this train. The interior design of the train is like an artistic painted cabin, but not everyone in this world are lucky enough to have the chance to experience it once in their life.

In particular, this train always moves at a very slow speed of no more than 60km / hour, allowing passengers inside to open the window for fresh air as well as hold their breath for such beautiful moment. The most favorite journey of this train is from Pretoria to Dar es Salaam, where it will pass through many peaceful roads in Namibia safari or from Pretoria to Victoria Falls, which lasts almost four days. This is really an unforgettable experience for anyone which should be tried once in a lifetime.

Ticket price: from $ 1,504 / person.

6. The train The Rocky Mountaineer: journey from Banff to Vancouver

This is one of the few trains that offer passengers with five-star rail experiences in North America. Some routes will allow passengers to visit Rockies, but most tourists choose to travel on the journey from Banff to Vancouver classic. Back to the history, it took a very long time for Canadian to struggle to unify this country. It was really an extremely war in the late 1880s. Therefore, this train route is of great historical significance.

The best time to sit on this train is from September to mid-October. This is the most romantic moment, when the leaves turn from green to bright red, orange and yellow on a snow-covered background from the top of the mountains.

Price from: $ 1,309 / person