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6. Mean Girls (2003)

This is considered to be the best and most classic teen movie of all time, which is very nice and worth watching!! Mean Girls (2003) is about a special story of a teengirl, Cady Heron, who moved to the US and began to get used to her life in a new high school. Cady felt too strange when everyone in the school is divided into groups according to different statuses, interests and personalities. Cady managed to make friends with two friends and also learn about The Plastics – the most aristocratic and sophisticated girl group in the school. In her story, all her friends planned to turn Cady into a spy by joining the group. Ever since she found herself comfortable in The Plastics, Cady has been transformed and infected with a lot of bad habits, which enables her to become a “true girl” and lost her innocence as before. During her journey then, dozens of good stories started to approach!!

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7. Spirited Away

The animate film brings to us the story of Ogino Chihiro (Hiiragi), a 10-year-old girl who is always getting bored and trapped in the world of spirits and demons. After her parents were spontaneously turned into pigs by the witch named Yubaba (Natsuki), Chihiro was forced to work in Yubaba’s public bath so that she can find a way to save her parents and bring her family back to the human world.

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8. A Walk To Remember

Landon (Shane West) is very popular in his school thanks to his rebellious personality. Evertime he caused any trouble, he was punished by helping other students as well as participating in his school’s plays. During these times, he began to fall for Jamie (Mandy Moore). One interesting coincidence is that they used to know each other since kindergarten but never talked. Jamie is the kind of girl that never dressed or wore makeup. However, this is the thing that made Landon likes her a lot. The more time they spent together, the more Landon realized how wonderful this girl was. But their feelings for each other was finally challenged when Jamie cautch a serious illness.

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9. A Werewolf Boy

The main character of this film is a boy whose body temperature was always 46 degrees with an unknown blood type. While everyone considered him as an abnormal creature, the girl who saved him did not think so. She decided to bring him to her house and treated him so well. During the time they lived under one roof, the beautiful girl gradually fell for this the shaggy, foolish guy. Will that beautiful love deserve a happy ending?

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10. Home Alone

Home alone is also known by a more familiar name “At home alone”. This film is traditional, extremely humorous and also educational. The story is about an 8-year-old boy, named Kavin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), who was mistakenly left at home alone while his family members all went to a vacation on Christmas. Being home alone, the boy came up with a lot of disruptive games, since he discovered there were two thieves planing to steal from his house. By his intelligence and cunning, he managed to catch two stupid thieves whose names are Harry and Marv. The film not only brought a delightful laughter, but also taught us about precious family affairs. The series includes 5 parts, which has been considered to be the most favourite Christmas series in the world.

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Dating back to 1863, London Tube is known as the oldest underground railway in the world. London’s subway is really a combination of age-old systems, under the control of 3 providers. However, so far it has been serving more than 3 million people in a day over 270 stations.

This system is also known to reflect the country’s cultural and artistic programs. Also, London Tube is famous for its reliability and cleanliness. This system is quite user friendly and is regularly improved and built by the government annually.

The system is also awarded the best subway system in Europe thanks to significant improvements in the consistency of its train schedules.



Built in July 1900, the system was designed as the style of classic Art Nouveau style, by a renowned designer Hector Guimard. Its structure is still in existence today as a wonder of the world.

Paris Metro subway system is one of the busiest subways in the world, this is also the place with the density of the most dense stations in the world, with a length of 212 km through 245 stations in an area of ​​65 km2 of Paris City. The station is also known to serve 1.5 billion people yearly.



Every day, Moscow Metro does its job as a transporter for 9 million passengers, which is 2.4 billion people every year. This system includes 12 routes and 182 stations, turning it into the busiest subway system in Europe.

The architecture of the station is special since it was made of marble and copper, transparent windows and tree-shaped chandeliers. By 2020, this system will be expanded up to 145 square kilometers to meet the transportation needs of the city.



The Swedish metro is also known as the world’s longest art exhibition line. It lasts over 110km with a lot of sculptures, unique paintings, sculptural designs of more than 150 Artisans across Stockholm. It would be a regret if you ever come to Stockholm without visiting this artistic line.



Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway is famous for its cleanness, cheap price and reliability, with free WiFi available in all stations. This is also extremely efficient high-speed rail network which is 99% accurate over time. This system is considered to be the golden standard for all metro around the world.

Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway system transports almost more than 4 million people each day (which means 1.5 billion people / year) between 155 stations on all over 220 km of railways. Nearly 90 percent of the city’s population uses this means of public transportation.



With over 3.2 billion passengers a year, the Beijing subway system is the second busiest subway in the world. This subway system in Beijing is quite new, and was first brought to operating in 1979. This system is also built to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and was later expanded to nearly 480km.

The subway is continuing to be adjusted to keep up with the city’s population growth rate: In December 2014, Beijing opened 60 km, in addition to 378 km between 2007 and 2014, turning the system into the second longest Beijing subway in the world, at 526 km.




Doremon is said to be the childhood comic of many generations until the present time. Anyone who is Doremon’s fan has been showing his/her love to this fat cat and his friends. However, we have never noticed about many of the interesting stories about this comic. Ok, let’s find out together.

1. Each name in the story bears an interesting meaning


– Nobita: The boy has his full name of Nobi Nobita (bearing Nobi family), in which the word “ta” means “wisdom”, reflecting the dreams of Nobita’s parents when he was born. And the word “Nobi” is to be extremely smart. This name combination means Nobita is a very intelligent and wise boy.

– Xuka: The girl whose full name is Nimamoto Shizuka was born with the wish of being peaceful and happy in all her life. The word “Minamoto means origin. And “Shizuka” has a meaning of being peaceful.

– Chaien: The name of the boy Chaien has the meaning of being very strong, giant, yet he likes to punch and kick other friends, especially Nobita.

– Deki: The boy with the middle name Sugi, bears the meaning of being very intelligent and always doing everything successfully.

– Xeko: The author gave to this boy a very suitable name for his personality – the sulked boy. No wonder that Nobita is always bullied by this boy.

– Doraemon: is a name made of Dora and Emon. This one has very cute meaning of being a stray cat. Indeed, this cat has lost its way and traveled to the past from a distant future timeline.

2. Nobita – the most dangerous boy in the world

Nobita goes into the hearts of readers with the image of a good, gentle and especially a young boy who always cares about others. However, he is said to be the most dangerous boy in the world. Oh, what did he do, why do people name him that?



– He has borrowed Doreamon’s treasures for more than 1178 times.

– He has destroyed more than 578 treasures.

– Even if he did stole his mother’s money around 12 times

– He has left his home for more than 14 times and especially used to dare to sell his house for 2 times.

– He has put the earth in danger for more than 207 times.

– For 542 time, he has been using Doraemon’s protector to tease Xuka

– He has watched Xuka naked for more than 122 times.

Do you think Nobita is dangerous enough?

3. Doraemon’s treasures are really inventions of the futures


One of the reasons that makes readers always fascinated by the Doraemon series lays in the miraculous treasures of the smart fat cat. In each story, Doraemon re-introduced at least one of the treasures like: flying bamboo pinwheel, time machine, miraculous door, miniature flashlight, … This can be said to be positive suggestions for the future science, inventions and technology. Even some of Doreamon’s treasures have been realized and applied in the present life.