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Your long flight can become more pleasant when you admire the charming uniforms and the friendly smile of the flight attendants. Below are the most favorite airline uniforms in the world.

1. Vueling Airlines

Vueling is a low-cost Spanish airline. Despite the fact that it serves the middle class market, its airline attendants appear to be wearing the most elegant costumes. The uniform is identified by gray coats with elegant cut corners and contrasting two-color ribbons.

2. Delta Airlines

Zac Posen is a designer who loves to describe dynamism. Rihanna, Michelle Obama are also very frequent clients of this talented stylist. His design for Delta Airlines is based on a combination of purple and gray in a simple but elegant design.

3. Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Virgin Atlantic crew uniforms reflects the French fashion-oriented designs of 1940, with a narrow cut and its iconic red. The women’s uniform includes a ruffled white shirt that combines a pencil shaped skirt, and a tight-fitting jacket at the waist. Meanwhile, men’s uniforms reflects the style of British fashion. Environmentally friendly fabric material, polyster plastic produced from recycled plastic bottles are among the materials used for these designs.

4. Qantas Airlines

For Qantas had had an Australian designer, Martin Grant, to choose to design crisp and dark uniforms with a linear diagonal. This image reminds customers with the company’s iconic world-famous kangaroo logo. “I tend to prefer simplicity: nothing too complicated,” Grant said.

5. ANA airline

ANA (All Nippon Airways) of Japan launched its latest uniform in 2014, designed by designer Prabal Gurung, a native of Nepal. Gurung’s flight attendant has elegant colors with graceful stripes and beautiful floral scarves.

6. China Estern Airlines

Graceful long-sleeved dress, red waist are the typical uniform of China Estern Airlines. The uniform of the company is said to be very retro and slightly naval.

7. Tigerair Australia Airlines

Tigerair Australia – a subsidiary of Virgin Australia introduced their new uniform with a sporty look. Their flight attendances always appear in long sleeves, a combination of white and tin. They look really neat and dynamic.

8. China Airlines

The Taipei Airline uniform has a slightly retro look with a unique combination in their shirts.

9. Hainan Airlines

Chinese airline Hainan Airlines cooperates with designer Laurence Xu to launch a new uniform at Paris Couture Week / Winter 2017 fashion week. It’s considered to be classic oriental-style outfits – Cheongsam, a set of costumes Traditional Chinese dress – with Western aesthetics. After 1000 designs and hundreds of models of clothing and accessories, Hainan Airlines and Xu decided to choose this uniform.



1. 50 First Dates

After a terrible accident, Lucy became a demented girl. When she woke up from a long sleep, she forgot everything that happened yesterday. Henry was a veterinarian who worked in an aquarium in Hawaii. They met each other and he fell in love with Lucy. During their relationship, Henry tried to make her remember everything. From her, the bad jokes between them start to happen.

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2. 10 things I hate about you

10 things I hate about you is one of the classic movies for teenagers and is memories of the majority of generation 8x. The film talks about the sweet and romantic love story between young people who are still students. Cameron (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is a student who has just been transferred to a new school, and immediately falls in love with Bianca (Larisa Oleynik plays). This girl is known as the most famous and prettiest girl in their school. Many boys have been chasing her but she always refuses. However, Bianca accepts to go on a date with Cameron but she is only allowed to date when her bookwormed sister – Kat (Julia Stiles plays) is asked out first. And Patrick (Heath Ledger plays) – a school-hangster who has been hired for the purpose of “seducing” Kat, has asked her out so that Bianca has a chance to date Cameron. Things get more complicated when both Patrick and Kat begin to fall for each other.

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3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory talks about Willi Wonka, the world’s most famous chocolate producer. He introduces a contest where the winner will have a chance to visit his chocolate factory. Charlie Bucket, a boy from an extremely poor family has a wish to eat lots of candy. Every day, he needs to be very hard working so as to help his parents. One day, he decides to join the lucky game of Willy Wonka, the world’s most amazing chocolate factory owner. Wonka has hidden 5 golden tickets in chocolate bars for those who luckily found these tickets will be rewarded with a special tour around the chocolate factory.

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4. A little thing called love

The film talks about Nam, a 14-year-old girl with an unimaginable appearance. She secretly crushes on Shone, a hot boy from her school. However, due to knowing that she is not pretty, Nam decides to keep that feeling for her own without revealing to Shone. Things has changed since Nam get to be supported by her friends to go on a very tough journey from being ugly to being pretty so that she can gradually attract Mario Maurer. But does love really comes to her?

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5. Flipped

The film is about an interesting story around Juli and Bryce. Right from the first meet, the 7-year-old Juli knew that Bryce was the love of her life, while Bryce felt uncomfortable because Juli was following him all day long. However, in the eighth grade, everything turned upside down when the grown up Bryce began to fall for Juli, while she wondered about her own feelings for him since she was young. The situation was completely flipped, what should Bryce do to get back Juli’s love?

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1. Playful Kiss (Playful Kiss)

The film is an adaptation from “Itzura na Kiss” – a comic series of Kaoru Tada. The film is very popular thanks to its extreme cuteness, humorousity, and romance. Despite some unrealistic details (which is acceptable since it’s originally from a comic), the film has still been enthusiastically supported by audiences.

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This movie talks about Hani (Jung So Min), who has the feeling for the guy Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong). However, while she is famous for her ignorance, this guy is also a hot boy of the school with remarkable academic achievement and superior family background. The incident became even more complicated when her family moved to live under the same house with Seung Jo’s family.

2. Full House

Full House is a 16-episode Korean drama produced by KBS in 2004. The film was adapted from the series with same name “Full House” by manhwa Won Soo Yeon. The film quickly became very popular among the youth all around the world, followed by many versions in such other Asian countries as Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand.

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The movie is about an unsuccessful writer Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo) who meets a famous actor Lee Young Jae (Rain) in an extraordinary situation. After sometimes living with each other under a contractual marriage, they gradually have the feelings for each other. However, Lee Young Jea is still ambiguous with his old love and still doesn’t realize that he has truly fell for Han Ji Eun. Although this movie motifs are not new, but it’s the acting skill and humorous details that make the film become very successful at that time.

3. Liar Game

The film is based on an original manga name “Liar Game” from the writer Shinobu Kaitani and was released in 2014 (in Korea). The content is about a game which award the winner with 10 billion Korean won. The most special thing about this game is that it allows players to cheat each other to win the prizes. Two of the players were known as the ‘genius fraud’ Cha Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yoon) and a silly student Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun). After being released, this film has brought back very positive effect from it’s wide audience.

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4. Goodbye Mr. Black

Mr.Black Goodbye film tells about Cha Ji-Won (Lee Jin Wook), a special officer in the Navy. He used to be an active, friendly person. However, since being betrayed by a friend, he fell into despair and encountered many irony in his sorrow life. Later, Cha Ji-Won was forced to marry Swan (Moon Chae Won) to hide his secret identity. This fake marriage turned out to change Cha Ji-Won a lot since he gradually became nicer, calmer while living with his wife Swan, a very smart, sweet and cute lady.

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5. Lljimae

Lljimae legend aka Legend of Chi Chi Mai is a Korean swordplay drama which was released in 2008. The film talks about the life of a young man who are always willing to help other people regardless of his own risk.

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In this new historical drama, Lee Jun Kj is known as a robber during Chosun dynasty. He helps poor people by robbing the rich and divides all the things he got to the poor people.


Along with 9 beautiful railway lines from all around the world, Vietnam Unified Railway is honored to be voted by Sputnik as one of the most poetic railways in the world.

Train is known as the most friendly, comfortable and relaxing means of transport for any kind of long-distance travel. Currently, many countries around the world have introduced high-speed rail tourism to serve tourists. This service is even better rated than air travel. However, the traditional railways still play a very important part in the world’s culture.

Below are 10 of the most beautiful rail lines voted by Russia’s Sputnik Agency:

According to Sputnik, travelling with Thong Nhat train, tourists can explore Vietnam through romantic scenes, and enjoy the comfortable feeling when lying in the air-conditioned and furnished train.

Zephyr Superliner railway in California will surprise visitors with its majestic spectacle of Western America. From Nebraska, Denver to the Colorado River Valley, stretching to the Utah desert and reaching the snowy summit of Seirra Nevada. What can be more wonderful?

If you go to Russia, don’t miss the chance to travel on the Baikal-Amur Mainline railway. Passengers will have the opportunity to see all the natural wonders of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East through the windows of the train.

The Peruvian railway passes through Altiplano plateau on the journey through the Andes to Puno and Lake Titicaca.

The rail link between Dorud and Andimeshk in Iran is also among the list. This is one of the most prized Sputnik routes in the world, going through waterfalls and beautiful rivers. This is considered to be a must-try activity for tourists to Iran.

Followed by Iran is the Qinghai and Qinghai high-speed trains, departing from Xining capital, Qinghai to Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China.

The Caledonian Sleeper night train, departing from London to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands, or the Deerstalker Express train, is known as a poetic journey.

The 310-mile journey from Norway’s capital Oslo to Bergen is a majestic sky over northern Europe’s longest railway.

The Christ Churh train station in New Zealand is the departure place for the TranzAlpine train, from here to the northwest of this country. You cannot imagine how pretty the things you are about to see.

Tanzania Zambia railway, or TAZARA is the route connecting the two countries Tanzania and Zambia.