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The world has many famous and famous artists from Albania or of Albanian origin. Discover some of the most famous and notable Albanian artists, painters and singers with their works known around the world.


Onufri is Albania’s most famous icon painter. He was active in the sixteenth century in southern Albania, as well as in western Macedonia and northern Greece. Onufri is said to be born in Berat, a beautiful town located in central Albania. Today, Berat hosts an interesting Onufri museum where visitors can learn about the artist and admire his paintings. His other works of art can be found in the Museum of Medieval Art in Korça and in several churches across the country.

Nikolla Kolë Idromeno

Nikolla Kolë Idromeno, commonly known as Kolë Idromeno, was an Albanian painter, artist, sculptor, cameraman, photographer and architect during the Albanian Renaissance period (historical period since 1870 until the declaration of independence in 1912). Idromeno was born in Shkodra, the largest town in northern Albania, studied in Venice at Accademia delle Belle Arti, traveled to Europe, then moved back to Shkodra, where he discovered the wooden ceiling of St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Stephen. Many of his paintings are now placed inside the National Art Gallery of Tirana.


Ibrahim Kodra

Ibrahim Kodra is one of the most famous Albanian painters of all time. He studied art in Milan, Italy and is friends with famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso. His prestigious works are on display in the Vatican Museums, Italian Parliament House in Rome, Kosova Art Gallery by Pristina and several private collections.

Adrian Paci

Adrian Paci is one of the most famous contemporary artists in Albania and Europe. Born in Shkodra, he graduated from the Tirana Art Academy and moved to Milan, Italy. His works, often on themes of nostalgia, separation and memory, can be seen in a number of museums and art galleries around the world. Paci was the first Albanian artist to represent the land of eagles at Venice Biennale in 1999.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is an English singer, actress and model born to Albanian parents in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Her parents left Kosovo when she was only one year old and moved to London, where she grew up with her family. She became famous in 2012 with the single “Hot Right Now” by DJ Fresh. Since then, she has made a number of hits worldwide.



Among the millions of paintings created and displayed in galleries and museums around the world, a very small number transcends time and makes history. This selected group of the most famous paintings is recognized by people from all over the world and of all ages and will likely continue to resonate and leave an impression on people’s minds for centuries to come. . Here is a list of some of the most famous paintings in the world.

1. The Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci. The world’s most famous painting is the main attraction of the Louvre in Paris, where it is viewed by six million people every year! Leonardo da Vinci painted it from 1503 or 1504 until his death in 1519.

Most Famous Paintings: Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh

2. The Last Supper – Leonardo da Vinci. This world-famous painting is not on display in a museum, but on the back wall of the dining room at the Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy. It was painted by the most famous painter of all time, Leonardo da Vinci in the late 15th century. The painting depicts the scene of the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. Seeing this masterpiece in the small monastery is truly one of the best attractions Milan has to offer.

3. The Creation Of Adam – Michelangelo. Located on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome. Adam’s creation was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512 and it is just one of nine scenes from the book of Genesis painted on the center of the chapel’s ceiling.

4. Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh. Painted by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh in 1889, Starry Night is one of the most famous paintings in modern culture. The painting is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The painting is the inspiration for the song “Vincent” (also known as “the night of stars”) by Don McLean. McLean’s song refers to the painting as well as other paintings by the famous artist.

5. Scream – Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch’s most famous work, painted circa 1893. It was painted with oil and pastel on cardboard. This scary painting is on display at The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway.



4. Tran Van Can (1910 – 1994) – A famous Vietnamese artist

As the 4th person in the list of “Four Forests” of Vietnamese painting, Tran Van Can has contributed to the country’s fine arts typical works of high artistic value and rich in humanity. He used to be General Secretary of Vietnam Fine Arts Association. He is a person who has many contributions to the movement and direction of Vietnam Culture. “Sister Thuy” is an oil painting composed by Tran Van Can in 1944. It can be said that this is the peak of art in Tran Van Can’s career and also Vietnamese art. With a sincere and gentle expression, the boy left an impression on viewers with his innocent beauty.

Art style: He is one of the few artists who have experimented on a variety of materials and genres. He also turned lacquer into a famous painting material that brings the artistry to Vietnamese painting.

Tran Van Can A famous Vietnamese artist

Famous paintings: Little sister Thuy; Irrigation; Washing hair. bui xuan phai paintings

5. Nguyen Tu Nghiem (1922 – 2016) – A famous painter of lacquer painting, oil painting & pigments

He is the last Vietnamese artist in the quartet Phai, Sang, Lien, Nghiem. He was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for fine arts in 1996. He is also one of the few artists to have his own museum. Art critics at that time thought that Nguyen Tu Nghiem’s ​​paintings had a combination of modern style with traditional ideas, thus creating its own identity.

artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem

Art style: Lines, colors, rhythm are always stylized based on patterns of Dong Son bronze drums, Ly Tran pottery, pagoda architecture, traditional dance, … Modern, stylized but still evokes ethnic beliefs and cultures in Southeast Asia.

Nguyen Tu Nghiem A famous Vietnamese painter

Famous paintings: Stream by Hoan Kiem Lake; 12 zodiac animals; Ancient dances.

6. Bui Xuan Phai (1920 – 1988) – A famous Vietnamese painter of oil painting

Bui Xuan Phai is the most famous painter in Vietnam with a line of street paintings, especially the old town. His paintings are antiques but very authentic, showing the soul of Hanoi’s Old Quarter in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He used bold contours for the color array in his paintings, making the picture deep. from surface to landscape. In addition to the old town, he also enjoyed success in other subjects such as the traditional operetta; portrait, countryside, nude, … Many works by Bui Xuan Phai have been awarded at the Capital exhibitions and nationwide.



Vietnamese fine arts industry has many artists who are not only famous domestically but also worldwide. Below is information on eight of the most famous Vietnamese painters that provide readers with insight into Vietnamese painting.

1. Nguyen Gia Tri (1908 – 1993) – A famous Vietnamese lacquer artist

The most famous Vietnamese painter Nguyen Gia Tri (1908 – 1993) is one of the pioneers in creating a new artistic trend for Vietnamese painting. He graduated from Indochina Fine Arts College in 1936 and is considered “the father of modern lacquer painting in Vietnam”. He is also a cartoonist on political and social affairs.

Nguyen Tuong Lan Paintings painting famous vietnamese artists

Artistic style: He combines engraving with new lacquer methods. Moreover, he also applied the principles of Western painting to create a modern painting but still retains national characteristics.

Painting Nguyen Gia Tri – famous Vietnamese painter

Famous paintings: The girl in the garden; Spring gardens of the North, Central and South; Young woman in federal rose party.

2. To Ngoc Van (1906 – 1954) – The first artist to use oil painting materials in Vietnam

To Ngoc Van is the pride of Vietnamese painting, he is also named for a street in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. He has contributed to the Vietnamese art industry with unique international-class works. Masterpiece “The girl with lilies” was composed by To Ngoc Van in 1943 while he was teaching at the Indochina Fine Arts College. The painting depicts a young woman in an ao dai, tilting her head gracefully by a vase of white lilies. This is considered the most typical painting in To Ngoc Van’s career as well as the Vietnamese art scene in the early 20th century.

Artistic style: To Ngoc Van has been successful in using oil paints in Vietnam. He tried to show the graceful beauty of contemporary Vietnamese people, especially through portraits of young women.

To Ngoc Van Vietnamese Artist

Famous paintings: The Girl with the Lilies, The Girl by the Lotus, Two Girls and a Baby.

3. Nguyen Tuong Lan (1906 – 1946) – One of the most influential painters in Vietnam

He is one of the “Four Masters” of Vietnamese modern art together with Nguyen Gia Tri, To Ngoc Van, Tran Van Can. After graduating from the Indochina Fine Arts College, he opened his own studio in Hanoi. He is considered to be one of the few contemporary artists capable of bringing pure color into a fictitious, symbolic and graceful harmony, even with silk paintings. Since the 1940s, with a liberal rhythm in his drawings, Nguyen Tuong Lan soon broke the rules to pursue abstract art.



Every comic book collector knows it’s a hobby that requires a lot of space. You can start by grabbing a few issues from your local comic store, but a few months or years go by and suddenly you have boxes full of manga slowly piling up until the attic Your warehouse looks like the warehouse from the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark.

In the age of the computer, however, you can avoid clutter, as long as you don’t mind abandoning real copies of your comics. There are many comic book readers out there that allow you to read digital comics on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Here are some of the best.

Madefire (Android / iOS)

Madefire’s extensive portfolio of printed comics and motion books offers something for every taste, with a wide selection of late release, horror comics, children’s comics, and a host of daily free releases increase. That’s in addition to your favorite superheroes like Batman, Superman, Hellboy, Star Trek, My Little Pony and Transformers. Craft experiences from top publishers like DC Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Liquid, Valiant and Top Cow, with releases updated weekly. The Print Books store has popular comics available as an in-app purchase. Madefire also features a 360-degree panoramic view, music, sound effects, and movement that bring you into a story scene where you control the pace of the story. A picture containing timeline, calendar

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Marvel Unlimited (Android / iOS)

If you like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, The Avengers, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Thanos, Mysterio, Ant- Man, The Wasp , Black Panther, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, the Defenders, Luke Cage, Venom, and more, you have a Marvel Unlimited subscription to stay up to date. Subscribers get instant access to approximately 27,000 80-year digital comics spanning the Marvel Unlimited app or your web browser. You also get a curated comic reading list, suggestions, new selections added weekly, and the ability to sync across devices. A seven-day free trial is available, after which you have to pay $ 10 for a monthly subscription.

Comic by ComiXology (Android / iOS)

ComiXology, now a subsidiary of Amazon, is one of the largest platforms for digital comics, and its Comics app is stellar. Once you create your account – free apps and sign-ups – you’ll have access to the vast comic market, with offerings from DC, Marvel, and more. (there are also plenty of free comics). The app’s user interface is smooth and clean, and you can read through pages as you normally would, or flick from panel to panel in a guided view.



I prefer a tablet to a smartphone when I read manga. It gives me more screens to read and view art without having to zoom in and out too much.

With that in mind, here are some of the best comic apps for Android, in no particular order.

1. ComiCat

ComiCat is an offline comic reader that will scan your device for comics. It supports a wide range of file formats like CBZ, CBR, PDF, CB7, CBT, Zip, Rar, 7z, and PDF. In addition, it is a feature-rich application with search, category options, password protection. Coming to the actual comic viewing experience, you get different directions and different views like Visible Fit, Fit to Width, and more.

batman series opened in challenger viewer app - comic book reader app

ComiCat is quite smooth at loading comics due to the local caching of files. This allows it to quickly render the book at the highest resolution. For manga fans who love to read from left to right and vice versa, the app supports both readings. Other options include parental controls, cloud sync, bookmarks, and gestures.

2. The challenger

Unlike ComiCat, Challenger is a free, ad-free app that challenges other comic book readers. Challenger supports PDF along with the following comic formats like CBZ / ZIP, CBR / RAR, CBT / TAR, CB7 / 7Z, DjVu and ePUB. It also comes with an internal comic downloader.

While it doesn’t have many features, the Challenger comes with some nifty tricks. You get both single page and double page views, infinite scrolling with pinch-to-zoom, support for multiple directions. If a view exists, Challenger supports it. The only downside is that the traditional user interface just gets the job done. The good thing is that it comes with cloud storage so you can access your catalog quickly.

3. Comic (comiXology)

The comic was so good that e-commerce giant Amazon decided to buy it for an undisclosed amount. This is a Freemium app that will open your door to over 100,000 comic books. Unfortunately, the subscription model is only available in the US ($ 5.99). The premium model offers a portfolio of 10,000 comics, including from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image.

You can also download comics and novels offline to your phone’s SD. It also supports multiple devices. The most notable feature should be the Guided View. It helps you to read your favorite comics and view artwork. Even on smartphones, Comics offers a cinematic experience. If you sign in with your Amazon account, all comic books and novels from Kindle are synced within the app.


I spend a lot of time talking about the wonders and troubles of Marvel Unlimited, but a question from readers reminded me this week that the Marvel app game is potentially confusing. On the one hand, you have the official Marvel Comics app, and on the other, you have Marvel Unlimited. What’s the difference between the two? How do they interact? And how can these two apps synchronize in the future to completely revolutionize and monopolize the landscape of digital comics?

Marvel Unlimited vs. Marvel comic application


Marvel comic application

What can you read? Digital comics you’ve purchased, directly through the Marvel Comics app, the Marvel digital store, or Comixology.

How much does the app cost? Free

Reading experience? Very smooth. Use Comixology’s smart transformations to create a very clear reading experience.

Can you read offline? Yes, let’s say you’ve downloaded all the books you want on your device before going offline.

Bonus privileges? Did you know those redemption codes are embedded in your comic book? Well, when you enter them at, you will get the digital version of your manga. And you can read that digital version in the Marvel Comics app.

How often does Comic Book Herald use this app? Maybe once or twice a month. Not often, depending on digital comic sales or gifts.

Marvel Unlimited application

What can you read? Any of the more than 15,000 Marvel comics available through a Marvel Unlimited subscription (monthly or annual subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify – my review of whether Marvel Unlimited is worth it in 2014)

How much does the app cost? Free. Subscriptions are $ 70 annually or $ 9.99 a month.

Reading experience? Improved, but sometimes troublesome. Most of the bugs have been improved, but Marvel Unlimited’s smart panel reading isn’t as smooth as the Comixology app or Marvel Comics app. Text and images still sometimes get cut off in weird places.

Can you read offline? Yes, up to 12 problems at a time. Note that this functionality is rather quirky and may require alternative solutions of a [insane] fan of comics.

Bonus privileges? Have you heard of nearly every Marvel comic book ever published?

How often does Comic Book Herald use this app? Hourly.

In short, Marvel Unlimited is the app you use with your Marvel Unlimited subscription. It’s great for full-size tablets, and still fun for manga that really haunts tablets and mini smartphones (I can read 2-3 comics on my Galaxy S4 everyday).