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For over 100 years, animation and comic books have been essentials of childhood. Do you want to learn to draw your favorite cartoon characters? Our drawing tutorials based on popular characters from movies, TV cartoons, and comics are a great place to start.

Some of the simplest tutorials in this selection include superhero icons. You can become Batman, Superman or Spider-Man by proudly displaying the badge of your chosen hero.

As you draw awesome superheroes, anime ninjas, and fantasy animals, you can unleash your creativity.

Do you want to draw an epic battle between Batman and Superman? We have drawing tutorials for that.

How about throwing Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Deadpool into the mix? We also have those guides available for you

Or, answer the classic question: Who is stronger, Goku or Superman? You can learn how to draw these characters and more.

Don’t forget to revisit childhood favorites like Hello Kitty, Snoopy, SpongeBob SquarePants and My Little Pony.

Each tutorial includes illustrations, tutorials and video tutorials to help you hone your drawing skills.

How to draw anime

*** How to draw Anime:

Anime drawings are mainly used in Japanese manga or manga. Drawing anime is a favorite of young and old. In this post, we will see how to draw anime characters from the comfort of your home. If you are just starting out with drawing anime, start with squares, circles and rectangles. I know that sounds funny, but once you perfect them, you’ll understand that anime characters are made with just circles, lines, squares. Once you are satisfied with the results, try to draw something every day. Improved corner drawing. Remember a cube, it has equal sides, if you let it farther from you, it looks smaller and when you get closer it looks bigger. Try drawing cylinders and shapes at different angles to create a 3d effect. Actually, this will help you draw complex anime characters in the long run. Learn basic human anatomy as most anime drawings are based on real human characters.


You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Pixar’s latest trailer for Pixar’s upcoming Dory Finder, looks just as great as its predecessor. After being promised a filming part of Finding Nemo starring Dory for decades, we finally see our dream come true, as The Ellen Show premieres a unique trailer. permission. The cartoon, starring Ellen Degeneres is none other than Dory’s, is bringing back some old voices and also introducing some new ones. But the real question is: will all the voice actors return to Finding Dory? After all, it’s been 13 (!!!) years already.

Most importantly, I can confirm that Degeneres stayed on the train as the voice of Dory (the movie wouldn’t work without that element), and Albert Brooks as Marlin (Nemo’s father ) has returned. It seems that some of the original gangs from Finding Nemo will be present in the movie (Nemo’s friends are Ink, Manta Ray, Mr. Ray, etc.), however, in the trailer we can’t hear them talking So we can’t deduce much of that word. It seems that, according to Finding Dory’s IMDb page, these characters won’t have a huge role (they haven’t been noticed anywhere). For the most part, the movie will feature some impressive new voices, such as Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Ty Burrell, Dominic West and Kaitlin Olsen, …

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However, there’s a new voice you might not recognize: The protagonist of the previous movie, Nemo. That’s because the boy who played Nemo back in the year 3, Alexander Gould, has grown up, well, is no longer a boy. Since Nemo, Gould has continued to play the most notable lead role in Showtime’s Weeds, and has had many other gigs in the television industry. The brand welcomed the newcomer, Hayden Rolence, to voice the little Nemo instead.

According to IMDb, the young actor only has a few short films, so this is a huge move towards his resume. Unlike Rolence, Gould already had a lot of acting experience before he signed Nemo, so it will be interesting to see how Rolence is doing with the gigs. (However, of course, Nemo’s position in this movie will be significantly smaller, as he isn’t at the center of this particular story.)

Regardless of who’s coming back and who’s new, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Thank goodness Degeneres has been on the train all this time. Without Dory without her, am I right?



Have you ever wondered how to watch cartoons online for free? Well, today is your lucky day as we’ve put together a specific guide for streaming video streaming for those who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for a top media service like Netflix.

Method 1: Use free streaming sites to watch cartoons online

A streaming website is a website that allows you to watch movies and TV shows hosted on multiple, unaffiliated third-party servers around the world. As you can imagine, hosting licensed movies and TV shows is completely illegal. Streaming sites reject what they are doing because no content is actually hosted on their servers.

How to Watch Cartoons Online for Free

Furthermore, copyright watchdogs rarely care about small fish, and the likelihood of a streaming site being shut down is much higher than any user of that site getting a mail from enforcement. law.

Method 2: Watch cartoons using an online Torrent client

Many modern torrent apps offer a streaming feature that lets you watch cartoons or any other video from torrent sites without having to wait for the download to complete. Our favorite streaming torrent client is WebTorrent Desktop.

It works on Windows, Linux and macOS, it’s freely available and has a nice user interface. With WebTorrent Desktop, you can stream cartoons to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA and discover peer-to-peer applications through a tracking server, DHT (Distributed Hash Board), and peer exchange.

Method 3: Use a VPN service to watch cartoons that are not available in your country

How to Watch Cartoons

Some networks, such as Comedy Central, publish full episodes of cartoons online for free. For example, you can watch all episodes of South Park on South Park Studios, which is a joint venture that allows fans of South Park to stream any episode of the popular TV series.

The only problem is that networks often restrict access to the animated episodes they release online to audiences from certain countries. One way you can get around this limitation is if you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to get a new IP address so it looks like you’re in a different country from reality.



1. His and Her Circumstances

24 minutes | Animation, Comedy, Drama

Actors: Atsuko Enomoto, Megan Hollingshead, Christopher Nicholas, Dick Rodstein

7.7 Score

The drama tells the daily stories of a group of high school teenagers, focusing on their romance and personal problems.

2. Blue Spring Ride (2014–)

122 minutes | Animation, Comedy, Drama

7.4 Score

Around Futaba, a girl who falls in love with a guy named Ko Tanaka in middle school. However, this love story failed because he transferred schools but in high school her world turned around once she met him again.

Actors: Tsubasa Honda, Ai Kayano, Masahiro Higashide, Mikako Komatsu

3. The maid Sama! (2010–)

24 minutes | Animation, Comedy, Romance

8 points

Seika High School, once a notorious boys’ school for wild students and generally a intimidating place for girls, recently became a co-academic school. For women … View full summary »

Actors: David Matranga, Monica Rial, Ayumi Fujimura, Nobuhiko Okamoto

15 Best Romance Anime Series According TO IMDB | CBR

4. Kimi ni todoke (2009–)

24 minutes | Animation, Comedy, Drama

7.8 Score

Sawako Kuronuma is misunderstood for being too similar to the witch from The Ring. But one day, the most beautiful guy in class, Kazehaya befriends her and everything changes after that and everyone sees Sawako but there will be a lot of difficulties waiting for her in the future.

Actors: Mamiko Noto, Daisuke Namikawa, Yûko Sanpei, Miyuki Sawashiro

5. Lovely Complex (2007–)

Animation, Comedy, Romance

8 points

Risa and Otani have always been laughed at as a humorous duo. Risa, a girl, taller than an ordinary girl, and Otani, a boy, shorter than normal boys. However, Risa has feelings for Otani which shocked him.

Actors: Akemi Okamura, Saori Higashi, Kazuko Kojima, Kae Araki

6. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014–)

24 minutes | Animation, Comedy, Romance

7.1 Score

About Erika, who claims that the famous guy, Sata is her boyfriend. She had no choice but to turn him into her fake boyfriend. Unfortunately, he may look like a sweet person, but he is actually an extremely brutal guy and treats her like a slave.

Actors: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Kanae Itô, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Takahiro Sakurai

7. S.A: Supesharu e (2008–)

24 minutes | Animation, Comedy, Drama

7.3 Score

All her life, Hikari Hanazono had been devoted to her desire to beat her schoolmate in the S.A class, Kei Takishima. However, Kei’s feelings for Hikari are different.

Actors: Yûko Goto, Jun Fukuyama, Hitomi Nabatame, Hiro Shimono