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Saigon, the city of nightlife, the city without sleep is where you can find all kinds of activities to have fun. And what is more fun, have you heard about a dinner cruise on the Saigon River? Let us introduce to you some good options as below:

1. Indochina Cruise – a cozy dinner cruise on Saigon River

If you love the vintage with wooden sailing boats, cruise down the Saigon River like the early years of the previous century. Surely you will not be able to skip a dinner on the Indochinese boat.

Modeled after ancient boats, Indochinese yacht is the Saigon River dinner cruise for nostalgic souls. With traditional Vietnamese dishes on wooden tables and chairs, along with folk music performances. It is surely that your dinner is not only tasty but also very special.

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(Source: Asia Pearl Travel)


  • Wooden yacht, nostalgic space
  • There are frequent folk performances while eating, suitable for foreigners
  • Varied menu with many dishes
  • Spacious dining table, suitable for 4-6 people
  • Table with good views


  • The boat is not so wide
  • If you come in large groups, you cannot sit together in 1 table
  • In some cases, if the boat is too crowded, it will take a long queue

2. Indochina Queen – Buffet dinner cruise on Saigon River

Along with the Saigon – Indochina River cruise yacht, Indochina Queen’s Indochina boat specializes in serving buffet, suitable for large groups, company parties or group of friends. The Eurasian cuisine and Vietnamese specialties are prepared by experienced chefs, which will surely give you a delicious and unforgettable evening.

While enjoying the special taste of each dish, you can also watch the special performances of ethnic music and dances from the artists in the Ethnic Group at the same time. This will be the most perfect choice for the night with your beloved one.

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(Source: Excursion Vietnam)


  • Menu with many dishes, easy to choose
  • Cuisine from many countries, suitable for many different types of tastes
  • Spacious and clean furniture
  • Large and monumental ship


  • Not every table location has the river view
  • Dishes outside the buffet menu will be charged separately

3. Sai Gon Dinner Cruise – Dinner cruise for groups of friends

If you love the bustling atmosphere and intimacy when dining, Saigon Cruise will be an extremely suitable choice. It serves a meal full of colors, flavor, very eye-catching dishes. Also, you will difinitely have a very happy moment with friends when dining.

And on the Saigon train you will enjoy dinner in the cool nature on the Saigon River. The airy space, cool river breeze and the scenery from busy urban areas reflecting on the smooth water will be a wonderful and unforgettable memory for you and your friends.

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(Source: City Pass Guide)


  • Cozy, comfortable atmosphere
  • The train runs smoothly and does not cause seasickness
  • Menu with many dishes, easy to choose


Seating position will depend on the menu

Because the train is crowded, it can sometimes be a little noisy

Dinner on the Saigon train


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  1. Jackie Chan – King Of Action Comedy

Perhaps we won’t need to discuss much about this famous person anymore. As both a director and actor, he was once the most famous martial artist in the world. However, the film path is still the most successful part in his career. In addition, he is a singer who has produced several successful albums and is also a successful businessman. Almost all his films are mainly about martial arts and comedy.

We will not mention which of the best films he has played below because his film has too much to choose from which is the most popular and best one.

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(Source: France 24)

  1. James Corden

James Corden ‘s full name is James Kimberley Corden, born August 22, 1978. He is an English actor, writer, and producer. He is also known as the Host of “The Late Late Show”, the popular late-night talk show on CBS. In addition, James Corden and the television actress Ruth Jones are co-creators, co-writers and co-starred of the sitcom “Gavin & Stacey”. This film won the BAFTA TV Award for “Best Performance Comedy”.

In 2011 he participated in the comedy One Man, Two Guvnors. Corden won the 2012 Tony Award for his outstanding performance. So far he has participated in many successful films such as Twenty Four Seven, Kill Your Friends, Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Three Musketeers.

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(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

  1. Yoo Jae Suk

Korean comedian Yoo Jae Suk was born on August 14, 1972 in Seoul, South Korea. The versatile artist has played many roles such as comedians, hosts … Yoo Jae Suk is considered as a model citizen of Korea.

Awarded with the title “National MC” from the audience. He was especially successful with the Running Man program together with 6 other members Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary. Yoo Jae Suk deserves to be in the top of the world’s famous comedians. Because wherever he goes, he is admired with his sincerity and talent.

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(Source: Soompi)

  1. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s real name is Edward Regan. “Eddie” Murphy was born on April 3, 1961 as an American comedian, writer, singer, director and musician. He is known as the most famous American comedian who has participated in many different movies, including some extremely popular shows such as Meet Dave, Dream Girls, Tower Heist A, …

He is the world’s famous comedian and has become a bright star in Hollywood with the 2nd highest rated income in the US. Eddie is loved by audiences for his comedic roles and multi-talent. In addition to acting, Eddie also has many admirable talents including music. He is a talented Soul music singer, possessing many hit songs so far.

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(Source: Celeb News Network)

  1. Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams (born on July 21, 1951 and passed away on August 11, 2014) is an American actor and joker. He has three times been nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Leading Actor” and received a “Best Supporting Actor”. He also received two Emmy awards, four Golden Globe awards, two Screen Actors Guild awards and five Grammy awards.

On August 11, 2014, he was found unconscious at his home in Paradise Cay, California and was confirmed to die at the age of 63. The final cause was a suicidal death. American actor Billy Crystal respectfully calls Robin Williams “the brightest star in the world of modern comedy”.

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(Source: CTV news)

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1. Charles Spencer Chaplin – The clown king of all times

When it comes to the king of comedy, Charles Spencer Chaplin – “The King of Silos” has to be mentioned. He is the big boss of the early film industry when it was still black and white movies, especially successful in comedy. With an extremely difficult and unhappy childhood: his parents separated; when he was 14 years old, his mother was mentally ill, he himself was sent to an orphanage twice; then je had to go to the show to make money while he was still young … Those severe situations made him think deeply about society, love, dignity and human morality.

Most of his comedies were silent films, despites the fact that his characters didn’t even say a word, everyone can totally understand the humanistic meanings in it. He was also a politician who condemned the evil deeds of Adolf Hitler. His two most famous and must watch comedies are widely known as Modern Times (1936) and The Great Dictator (1940).

2. Rowan Atkinson – Mr.Bean

This guy is in the TOP 2 of the most famous comedians in the world. A typical gait, height, big eyes and an unforgettable perfect mouth, together with a life-free lifestyle, all have made a Mr. Bean of today. But not everyone knows that Rowan Atkinson is not only a comedian, he is also a talented screenwriter, once a politician struggling ideologically, and has a good eye in car collecting. He is a famous master at The Queen’s School, Oxford University. His family history is also very monumental, his mother is a niece, his father is the general manager of the agriculture company, his brother is an economist. The family situation is really so fierce!

He is famous for the Mr.Bean comedy series, or at least you should watch Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) to know his plumpness. Below are photos of his childhood, very handsome, right?

Then they can think of one demo for their correct thing. They dont think that they can leave the thing that they can finally remove that to the fullest

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(Source: Mental Floss)

3. Steve Martin – Modern clown king

He is a comedian, a talented writer, a talented musician, a famous public artist. Yes, we are mentioning about Steve Martin – “King of Silo” in our modern times. His talent in the field of monologues is so great that everyone wishes to have an opportunity to see him perform. Everyone must be familiar with Pink Panther cartoon series – the famous funny panther known worldwide, with the not to be more specific soundtrack.

One of Steve Martin’s most famous films is entitled “The Pink Panther”. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, let’s have a coca-cola, popcorn, and start watching. I believe that maybe after watching you will copy some of the actor’s actions and learn many interesting things in life.

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(Source: ABC News)

4. Stephen Chow – Most Famous Asian Comedian

Chow is one of the top young comedians in the comedy genre around the world in general and in Asia in particular. He is both an actor, a scriptwriter, a publisher and director throughout his film career. In addition, he has the legendary martial arts legend Bruce, also has nearly embarked on a martial art path. He is said to be the most talented comedian, most of his films have earned higher profits and are more famous than the previous films.

Chow’s most well-known masterpieces are Shaolin Football Club (2001), Kungfu Great Peak (2004) and most recently the Mermaid (2016).

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(Source: Asian Crush)



These 10 most dangerous railroads in the world give passengers the opportunity to both admire the beautiful scenery and to feel creepy.

1. Georgetown Loop, Colorado, USA:

The Georgetown Loop was built to reach silver mines in the late 19th century. With its narrowness and rough terrain, this world’s most dangerous railway not only drives the train but also the passengers sitting on the train and being nervous as the train slowly touches here.

(Source: WonderList)

2. Railway in Alaska, USA:

This spectacular railway track looks like it is “clinging to a cliff”. It was built in 1898, the time during the peak of Klondike Gold Rush (when more than 100,000 people crazily searched for gold in these places). Nowadays, these dangerous railways attract an increasing number of tourists from all around the world.

(Source: WonderList)

3. Nubes, Argentina:

It took 27 years for this railway to be completed in the North Central Coast of Argentina, near the Chilean border. With its spiral, zigzag arc, this railroad tracks through 21 spectacular tunnels and 13 bridges.

(Source: WonderList)

4. Chennai – Rameswaram, India:

The Chennai – Rameswaram, India route was first opened in 1914. It goes through 2065m above the sea level, and become one of India’s most remarkable engineering works.

(Source: WonderList)

5. Kuranda Scenic, Australia:

This railway route has been crossing through Barron Gorge National Park since 1800, this railway system was built right near the waterfall. Passengers can admire the breathtaking beauty of this waterfall but they also face many dangers while going through these places.

(Source: WonderList)

6. Nariz del Diablo, Ecudor:

Nariz del Diablo – also known as the devil route because it is located on the Andes, at an altitude of 2743 meter above sea level. And perhaps this is one of the scariest railway lines in the world.

(Source: WonderList)

7. Aso Minami Route, Japan:

This train route runs through Japan’s most active volcanic region. Those Volcanoes are able to erupt at any time, and that makes every passerby here feel tremble.

(Source: WonderList)

8. Death route in Thailand:

The Death Railway is located in Kanchanburi province, Thailand, passing dense forests and dangerous mountain terrains. Its name is closely linked to the fact that many prisoners died during the severe construction of this route.

(Source: WonderList)

9. Bamboo train in Cambodia:

The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia have created their own route and made their own bamboo car to travel around Battambang. These cars are used for the main purpose of travel.

(Source: WonderList)

10. Argo-Gede Railway, Indonesia:

The Argo-Gede railway runs from Jakarta to Bandung in Indonesia. This is an extremely high and dangerous route running through the Cikurutug bridge.

(Source: WonderList)



The report on an opera artist, Vu Manh Dung, suddenly died on the evening of Feb 18 has caught the attention of the public. The male artist was attacked by his brother-in-law named Duong Quang Binh while being in psychologically abnormal (suspected by stalagmite). He was stabbed and died immediately on the spot. Being a talented artist, playing the role of Deputy Director of Vietnam National Theater and Musical Theater, his death at the age of 43 has been a shocking news to all of other artists. Many expressed their mercy at the death of a talented opera artist in Vietnam.

Anh ngáo đá đốt xe máy, dùng dao uy hiếp gia đình em gái, đâm chết em rể - Ảnh 1.


Choreographer Tran Ly Ly posted a picture taken with artist Manh Dung along with a status: “My friend, you laughed like yesterday. This picture is also taken by you. I don’t know what to say. I hope you can go to the heaven, Manh Dung “. At the same time, the female artist also shared information about the time of the farewell for him to friends and fans.

Huyen Nga, a director, expressed her emotion towards the sudden death of her colleague, and also a close friend. She wrote: “My friend, thank you for all your dedication to the art of opera, for the Vietnamese vocal industry and especially for my sincere, sincere colleague and friend. You go peacefully and “raise your voice” at that place with the angels. Goodbye to you “. Also, the female director shared: “My friend, I forever lost a dear friend, an admirable colleague, a key vocal in musicals. It hurts so much Vu Manh Dung. Yesterday you also made an appointment for everyone to come, but you will never come.”

Bức ảnh khi nghệ sĩ Vũ Mạnh Dũng biểu diễn được ca sĩ Đào Tố Loan đăng tải.


Artist Dao To Loan shared the moment she stood on the stage with her colleagues and expressed, “There are sorrows that cannot be expressed by words. My brother left so suddenly, everyone was so upset, so surprised, shocked, my brother. “We have just come home, still very sad. Very harsh, I’m really gone.” Meanwhile, artist Chieu Xuan confided: “If only that was not the truth, dear.”

Singer Thai Thuy Linh posted a long status to say goodbye to her so-called brother who has helped her a lot in her career path. She shared: “Our talented and humble colleague died suddenly last night, leaving a deep sadness for those who stayed behind. Dung is still young and gentle. The small family is extremely unhappy, especially the youngest child, he is just a few months old now”. For Thai Thuy Linh, artist Vu Manh Dung is a warm and cherish friend. Good luck and hope every good thing will come to his wife and children.”, she expressed. Music researcher Nguyen Quang Long remembers last October, when the opera masterpiece “The sculptor” of the late composer Do Nhuan was reconstructed. He was extremely impressed with Meritorious Artist Vu Manh Dung, who took charge of the main role of Thach Son. “I was impressed by Dung because I saw his maturity in the entire role. There is not only a good voice but also the way the character’s psychological changes have touched the sympathy of the audience.”, said him. According to the sharing of choreographer Tran Ly Ly, Manh Dung’s visit ceremony was held at 13:30 on Feb 20 in the funeral home of Hospital 108 (Hanoi). The male cynic artist will be cremated at the Universal Incarnation Station.