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Your long flight can become more pleasant when you admire the charming uniforms and the friendly smile of the flight attendants. Below are the most favorite airline uniforms in the world.

1. Vueling Airlines

Vueling is a low-cost Spanish airline. Despite the fact that it serves the middle class market, its airline attendants appear to be wearing the most elegant costumes. The uniform is identified by gray coats with elegant cut corners and contrasting two-color ribbons.

2. Delta Airlines

Zac Posen is a designer who loves to describe dynamism. Rihanna, Michelle Obama are also very frequent clients of this talented stylist. His design for Delta Airlines is based on a combination of purple and gray in a simple but elegant design.

3. Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Virgin Atlantic crew uniforms reflects the French fashion-oriented designs of 1940, with a narrow cut and its iconic red. The women’s uniform includes a ruffled white shirt that combines a pencil shaped skirt, and a tight-fitting jacket at the waist. Meanwhile, men’s uniforms reflects the style of British fashion. Environmentally friendly fabric material, polyster plastic produced from recycled plastic bottles are among the materials used for these designs.

4. Qantas Airlines

For Qantas had had an Australian designer, Martin Grant, to choose to design crisp and dark uniforms with a linear diagonal. This image reminds customers with the company’s iconic world-famous kangaroo logo. “I tend to prefer simplicity: nothing too complicated,” Grant said.

5. ANA airline

ANA (All Nippon Airways) of Japan launched its latest uniform in 2014, designed by designer Prabal Gurung, a native of Nepal. Gurung’s flight attendant has elegant colors with graceful stripes and beautiful floral scarves.

6. China Estern Airlines

Graceful long-sleeved dress, red waist are the typical uniform of China Estern Airlines. The uniform of the company is said to be very retro and slightly naval.

7. Tigerair Australia Airlines

Tigerair Australia – a subsidiary of Virgin Australia introduced their new uniform with a sporty look. Their flight attendances always appear in long sleeves, a combination of white and tin. They look really neat and dynamic.

8. China Airlines

The Taipei Airline uniform has a slightly retro look with a unique combination in their shirts.

9. Hainan Airlines

Chinese airline Hainan Airlines cooperates with designer Laurence Xu to launch a new uniform at Paris Couture Week / Winter 2017 fashion week. It’s considered to be classic oriental-style outfits – Cheongsam, a set of costumes Traditional Chinese dress – with Western aesthetics. After 1000 designs and hundreds of models of clothing and accessories, Hainan Airlines and Xu decided to choose this uniform.






Dating back to 1863, London Tube is known as the oldest underground railway in the world. London’s subway is really a combination of age-old systems, under the control of 3 providers. However, so far it has been serving more than 3 million people in a day over 270 stations.

This system is also known to reflect the country’s cultural and artistic programs. Also, London Tube is famous for its reliability and cleanliness. This system is quite user friendly and is regularly improved and built by the government annually.

The system is also awarded the best subway system in Europe thanks to significant improvements in the consistency of its train schedules.



Built in July 1900, the system was designed as the style of classic Art Nouveau style, by a renowned designer Hector Guimard. Its structure is still in existence today as a wonder of the world.

Paris Metro subway system is one of the busiest subways in the world, this is also the place with the density of the most dense stations in the world, with a length of 212 km through 245 stations in an area of ​​65 km2 of Paris City. The station is also known to serve 1.5 billion people yearly.



Every day, Moscow Metro does its job as a transporter for 9 million passengers, which is 2.4 billion people every year. This system includes 12 routes and 182 stations, turning it into the busiest subway system in Europe.

The architecture of the station is special since it was made of marble and copper, transparent windows and tree-shaped chandeliers. By 2020, this system will be expanded up to 145 square kilometers to meet the transportation needs of the city.



The Swedish metro is also known as the world’s longest art exhibition line. It lasts over 110km with a lot of sculptures, unique paintings, sculptural designs of more than 150 Artisans across Stockholm. It would be a regret if you ever come to Stockholm without visiting this artistic line.



Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway is famous for its cleanness, cheap price and reliability, with free WiFi available in all stations. This is also extremely efficient high-speed rail network which is 99% accurate over time. This system is considered to be the golden standard for all metro around the world.

Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway system transports almost more than 4 million people each day (which means 1.5 billion people / year) between 155 stations on all over 220 km of railways. Nearly 90 percent of the city’s population uses this means of public transportation.



With over 3.2 billion passengers a year, the Beijing subway system is the second busiest subway in the world. This subway system in Beijing is quite new, and was first brought to operating in 1979. This system is also built to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and was later expanded to nearly 480km.

The subway is continuing to be adjusted to keep up with the city’s population growth rate: In December 2014, Beijing opened 60 km, in addition to 378 km between 2007 and 2014, turning the system into the second longest Beijing subway in the world, at 526 km.