Train is one of the most familiar means of transportation in the world. If rich people usually choose to fly to save their time, people of the middle class mostly use bus or train as a way of saving means of transportation. But did you know that there are some railroads in the world that cost far more than aircraft in business class?

1. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express high-speed train: journey from London to Venice

The train route is schedules to pass through such many cities in Europe as: London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and Venice. This rout allows passengers to admire the most captivating and breathtaking beauty in Europe.

The train has existed and been in use for many decades but still manages to retain its unique and classic beauty.

It takes passengers about a night to travel from London to Venice. And in particular, it will be a missing if we don’t mention about the restaurant on the train with the most famous chefs from France, always ready to serve passengers the freshest dishes prepared from fresh lobsters they just catch up from the ocean.

Is there any more interesting journey on earth than this?

Ticket price: from $ 3,342 / person

2. The Golden Eagle train route: journey from Moscow to Vladivostok

It is said that no matter how many times you take the train, you still cannot experience the real experience on train ride until you step on the Trans-Siberian Express train, with a frightening, scary journey that goes through eight time zones.

The Golden Eagle is a luxurious version of the Trans-Siberian train with modern air conditioning, private bathroom for each cabin and full home services such as laundry, live entertainment and private doctors who can speak English very well.

This trip will take about two weeks to reach at the destination, allowing passengers to enjoy a relaxing trip rather than a hustle. Passengers will have a rare chance to admire the enchanting scenery along Lake Baikal, and the beautiful scene on the way to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. What is more interesting to you?

Ticket price: from $ 15,895 / person

3. Blue Train train route: journey from Pretoria to Cape Town

The 27-hour journey through 1,600 km of the Blue Train train will bring you to cross South Africa on a very interesting and unique route. This train line stops right at the Kimberley diamond on the journey to the south, which allows member to experience a feel of nature when they are sitting on the train.

The cabins are specially equipped with quite luxurious furniture, surrounded by enthusiastic staffs who will give passengers the feeling as being served in an extremely luxurious hotel.

In particular, the bedroom on the cabin is also equipped with a spacious bathtub. What’s more wonderful on earth than laying, relaxing in the bathtub, holding a wine glass and staring to the beautiful distance outside the train window.

Through more than 70 years of operation, the train has had the honor to serve such many famous stars as Nelson Mandela, Quincy Jones, Paul Simon, Mia Farrow, Margaret Thatcher and Kylie Minogue. Are you thinking about it now?

Ticket price: from $ 976 / person


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