You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Pixar’s latest trailer for Pixar’s upcoming Dory Finder, looks just as great as its predecessor. After being promised a filming part of Finding Nemo starring Dory for decades, we finally see our dream come true, as The Ellen Show premieres a unique trailer. permission. The cartoon, starring Ellen Degeneres is none other than Dory’s, is bringing back some old voices and also introducing some new ones. But the real question is: will all the voice actors return to Finding Dory? After all, it’s been 13 (!!!) years already.

Most importantly, I can confirm that Degeneres stayed on the train as the voice of Dory (the movie wouldn’t work without that element), and Albert Brooks as Marlin (Nemo’s father ) has returned. It seems that some of the original gangs from Finding Nemo will be present in the movie (Nemo’s friends are Ink, Manta Ray, Mr. Ray, etc.), however, in the trailer we can’t hear them talking So we can’t deduce much of that word. It seems that, according to Finding Dory’s IMDb page, these characters won’t have a huge role (they haven’t been noticed anywhere). For the most part, the movie will feature some impressive new voices, such as Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Ty Burrell, Dominic West and Kaitlin Olsen, …

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However, there’s a new voice you might not recognize: The protagonist of the previous movie, Nemo. That’s because the boy who played Nemo back in the year 3, Alexander Gould, has grown up, well, is no longer a boy. Since Nemo, Gould has continued to play the most notable lead role in Showtime’s Weeds, and has had many other gigs in the television industry. The brand welcomed the newcomer, Hayden Rolence, to voice the little Nemo instead.

According to IMDb, the young actor only has a few short films, so this is a huge move towards his resume. Unlike Rolence, Gould already had a lot of acting experience before he signed Nemo, so it will be interesting to see how Rolence is doing with the gigs. (However, of course, Nemo’s position in this movie will be significantly smaller, as he isn’t at the center of this particular story.)

Regardless of who’s coming back and who’s new, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Thank goodness Degeneres has been on the train all this time. Without Dory without her, am I right?


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