1. Playful Kiss (Playful Kiss)

The film is an adaptation from “Itzura na Kiss” – a comic series of Kaoru Tada. The film is very popular thanks to its extreme cuteness, humorousity, and romance. Despite some unrealistic details (which is acceptable since it’s originally from a comic), the film has still been enthusiastically supported by audiences.

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This movie talks about Hani (Jung So Min), who has the feeling for the guy Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong). However, while she is famous for her ignorance, this guy is also a hot boy of the school with remarkable academic achievement and superior family background. The incident became even more complicated when her family moved to live under the same house with Seung Jo’s family.

2. Full House

Full House is a 16-episode Korean drama produced by KBS in 2004. The film was adapted from the series with same name “Full House” by manhwa Won Soo Yeon. The film quickly became very popular among the youth all around the world, followed by many versions in such other Asian countries as Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand.

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The movie is about an unsuccessful writer Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo) who meets a famous actor Lee Young Jae (Rain) in an extraordinary situation. After sometimes living with each other under a contractual marriage, they gradually have the feelings for each other. However, Lee Young Jea is still ambiguous with his old love and still doesn’t realize that he has truly fell for Han Ji Eun. Although this movie motifs are not new, but it’s the acting skill and humorous details that make the film become very successful at that time.

3. Liar Game

The film is based on an original manga name “Liar Game” from the writer Shinobu Kaitani and was released in 2014 (in Korea). The content is about a game which award the winner with 10 billion Korean won. The most special thing about this game is that it allows players to cheat each other to win the prizes. Two of the players were known as the ‘genius fraud’ Cha Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yoon) and a silly student Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun). After being released, this film has brought back very positive effect from it’s wide audience.

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4. Goodbye Mr. Black

Mr.Black Goodbye film tells about Cha Ji-Won (Lee Jin Wook), a special officer in the Navy. He used to be an active, friendly person. However, since being betrayed by a friend, he fell into despair and encountered many irony in his sorrow life. Later, Cha Ji-Won was forced to marry Swan (Moon Chae Won) to hide his secret identity. This fake marriage turned out to change Cha Ji-Won a lot since he gradually became nicer, calmer while living with his wife Swan, a very smart, sweet and cute lady.

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5. Lljimae

Lljimae legend aka Legend of Chi Chi Mai is a Korean swordplay drama which was released in 2008. The film talks about the life of a young man who are always willing to help other people regardless of his own risk.

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In this new historical drama, Lee Jun Kj is known as a robber during Chosun dynasty. He helps poor people by robbing the rich and divides all the things he got to the poor people.




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