6. Mean Girls (2003)

This is considered to be the best and most classic teen movie of all time, which is very nice and worth watching!! Mean Girls (2003) is about a special story of a teengirl, Cady Heron, who moved to the US and began to get used to her life in a new high school. Cady felt too strange when everyone in the school is divided into groups according to different statuses, interests and personalities. Cady managed to make friends with two friends and also learn about The Plastics – the most aristocratic and sophisticated girl group in the school. In her story, all her friends planned to turn Cady into a spy by joining the group. Ever since she found herself comfortable in The Plastics, Cady has been transformed and infected with a lot of bad habits, which enables her to become a “true girl” and lost her innocence as before. During her journey then, dozens of good stories started to approach!!

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7. Spirited Away

The animate film brings to us the story of Ogino Chihiro (Hiiragi), a 10-year-old girl who is always getting bored and trapped in the world of spirits and demons. After her parents were spontaneously turned into pigs by the witch named Yubaba (Natsuki), Chihiro was forced to work in Yubaba’s public bath so that she can find a way to save her parents and bring her family back to the human world.

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8. A Walk To Remember

Landon (Shane West) is very popular in his school thanks to his rebellious personality. Evertime he caused any trouble, he was punished by helping other students as well as participating in his school’s plays. During these times, he began to fall for Jamie (Mandy Moore). One interesting coincidence is that they used to know each other since kindergarten but never talked. Jamie is the kind of girl that never dressed or wore makeup. However, this is the thing that made Landon likes her a lot. The more time they spent together, the more Landon realized how wonderful this girl was. But their feelings for each other was finally challenged when Jamie cautch a serious illness.

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9. A Werewolf Boy

The main character of this film is a boy whose body temperature was always 46 degrees with an unknown blood type. While everyone considered him as an abnormal creature, the girl who saved him did not think so. She decided to bring him to her house and treated him so well. During the time they lived under one roof, the beautiful girl gradually fell for this the shaggy, foolish guy. Will that beautiful love deserve a happy ending?

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10. Home Alone

Home alone is also known by a more familiar name “At home alone”. This film is traditional, extremely humorous and also educational. The story is about an 8-year-old boy, named Kavin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), who was mistakenly left at home alone while his family members all went to a vacation on Christmas. Being home alone, the boy came up with a lot of disruptive games, since he discovered there were two thieves planing to steal from his house. By his intelligence and cunning, he managed to catch two stupid thieves whose names are Harry and Marv. The film not only brought a delightful laughter, but also taught us about precious family affairs. The series includes 5 parts, which has been considered to be the most favourite Christmas series in the world.

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