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1. Charles Spencer Chaplin – The clown king of all times

When it comes to the king of comedy, Charles Spencer Chaplin – “The King of Silos” has to be mentioned. He is the big boss of the early film industry when it was still black and white movies, especially successful in comedy. With an extremely difficult and unhappy childhood: his parents separated; when he was 14 years old, his mother was mentally ill, he himself was sent to an orphanage twice; then je had to go to the show to make money while he was still young … Those severe situations made him think deeply about society, love, dignity and human morality.

Most of his comedies were silent films, despites the fact that his characters didn’t even say a word, everyone can totally understand the humanistic meanings in it. He was also a politician who condemned the evil deeds of Adolf Hitler. His two most famous and must watch comedies are widely known as Modern Times (1936) and The Great Dictator (1940).

2. Rowan Atkinson – Mr.Bean

This guy is in the TOP 2 of the most famous comedians in the world. A typical gait, height, big eyes and an unforgettable perfect mouth, together with a life-free lifestyle, all have made a Mr. Bean of today. But not everyone knows that Rowan Atkinson is not only a comedian, he is also a talented screenwriter, once a politician struggling ideologically, and has a good eye in car collecting. He is a famous master at The Queen’s School, Oxford University. His family history is also very monumental, his mother is a niece, his father is the general manager of the agriculture company, his brother is an economist. The family situation is really so fierce!

He is famous for the Mr.Bean comedy series, or at least you should watch Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) to know his plumpness. Below are photos of his childhood, very handsome, right?

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3. Steve Martin – Modern clown king

He is a comedian, a talented writer, a talented musician, a famous public artist. Yes, we are mentioning about Steve Martin – “King of Silo” in our modern times. His talent in the field of monologues is so great that everyone wishes to have an opportunity to see him perform. Everyone must be familiar with Pink Panther cartoon series – the famous funny panther known worldwide, with the not to be more specific soundtrack.

One of Steve Martin’s most famous films is entitled “The Pink Panther”. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, let’s have a coca-cola, popcorn, and start watching. I believe that maybe after watching you will copy some of the actor’s actions and learn many interesting things in life.

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4. Stephen Chow – Most Famous Asian Comedian

Chow is one of the top young comedians in the comedy genre around the world in general and in Asia in particular. He is both an actor, a scriptwriter, a publisher and director throughout his film career. In addition, he has the legendary martial arts legend Bruce, also has nearly embarked on a martial art path. He is said to be the most talented comedian, most of his films have earned higher profits and are more famous than the previous films.

Chow’s most well-known masterpieces are Shaolin Football Club (2001), Kungfu Great Peak (2004) and most recently the Mermaid (2016).

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