I prefer a tablet to a smartphone when I read manga. It gives me more screens to read and view art without having to zoom in and out too much.

With that in mind, here are some of the best comic apps for Android, in no particular order.

1. ComiCat

ComiCat is an offline comic reader that will scan your device for comics. It supports a wide range of file formats like CBZ, CBR, PDF, CB7, CBT, Zip, Rar, 7z, and PDF. In addition, it is a feature-rich application with search, category options, password protection. Coming to the actual comic viewing experience, you get different directions and different views like Visible Fit, Fit to Width, and more.

batman series opened in challenger viewer app - comic book reader app

ComiCat is quite smooth at loading comics due to the local caching of files. This allows it to quickly render the book at the highest resolution. For manga fans who love to read from left to right and vice versa, the app supports both readings. Other options include parental controls, cloud sync, bookmarks, and gestures.

2. The challenger

Unlike ComiCat, Challenger is a free, ad-free app that challenges other comic book readers. Challenger supports PDF along with the following comic formats like CBZ / ZIP, CBR / RAR, CBT / TAR, CB7 / 7Z, DjVu and ePUB. It also comes with an internal comic downloader.

While it doesn’t have many features, the Challenger comes with some nifty tricks. You get both single page and double page views, infinite scrolling with pinch-to-zoom, support for multiple directions. If a view exists, Challenger supports it. The only downside is that the traditional user interface just gets the job done. The good thing is that it comes with cloud storage so you can access your catalog quickly.

3. Comic (comiXology)

The comic was so good that e-commerce giant Amazon decided to buy it for an undisclosed amount. This is a Freemium app that will open your door to over 100,000 comic books. Unfortunately, the subscription model is only available in the US ($ 5.99). The premium model offers a portfolio of 10,000 comics, including from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image.

You can also download comics and novels offline to your phone’s SD. It also supports multiple devices. The most notable feature should be the Guided View. It helps you to read your favorite comics and view artwork. Even on smartphones, Comics offers a cinematic experience. If you sign in with your Amazon account, all comic books and novels from Kindle are synced within the app.

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