Saigon, the city of nightlife, the city without sleep is where you can find all kinds of activities to have fun. And what is more fun, have you heard about a dinner cruise on the Saigon River? Let us introduce to you some good options as below:

1. Indochina Cruise – a cozy dinner cruise on Saigon River

If you love the vintage with wooden sailing boats, cruise down the Saigon River like the early years of the previous century. Surely you will not be able to skip a dinner on the Indochinese boat.

Modeled after ancient boats, Indochinese yacht is the Saigon River dinner cruise for nostalgic souls. With traditional Vietnamese dishes on wooden tables and chairs, along with folk music performances. It is surely that your dinner is not only tasty but also very special.

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(Source: Asia Pearl Travel)


  • Wooden yacht, nostalgic space
  • There are frequent folk performances while eating, suitable for foreigners
  • Varied menu with many dishes
  • Spacious dining table, suitable for 4-6 people
  • Table with good views


  • The boat is not so wide
  • If you come in large groups, you cannot sit together in 1 table
  • In some cases, if the boat is too crowded, it will take a long queue

2. Indochina Queen – Buffet dinner cruise on Saigon River

Along with the Saigon – Indochina River cruise yacht, Indochina Queen’s Indochina boat specializes in serving buffet, suitable for large groups, company parties or group of friends. The Eurasian cuisine and Vietnamese specialties are prepared by experienced chefs, which will surely give you a delicious and unforgettable evening.

While enjoying the special taste of each dish, you can also watch the special performances of ethnic music and dances from the artists in the Ethnic Group at the same time. This will be the most perfect choice for the night with your beloved one.

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(Source: Excursion Vietnam)


  • Menu with many dishes, easy to choose
  • Cuisine from many countries, suitable for many different types of tastes
  • Spacious and clean furniture
  • Large and monumental ship


  • Not every table location has the river view
  • Dishes outside the buffet menu will be charged separately

3. Sai Gon Dinner Cruise – Dinner cruise for groups of friends

If you love the bustling atmosphere and intimacy when dining, Saigon Cruise will be an extremely suitable choice. It serves a meal full of colors, flavor, very eye-catching dishes. Also, you will difinitely have a very happy moment with friends when dining.

And on the Saigon train you will enjoy dinner in the cool nature on the Saigon River. The airy space, cool river breeze and the scenery from busy urban areas reflecting on the smooth water will be a wonderful and unforgettable memory for you and your friends.

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(Source: City Pass Guide)


  • Cozy, comfortable atmosphere
  • The train runs smoothly and does not cause seasickness
  • Menu with many dishes, easy to choose


Seating position will depend on the menu

Because the train is crowded, it can sometimes be a little noisy

Dinner on the Saigon train


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